Our new Bali Office has opened in Nusa Dua on August 1, to better serve the markets for villas, resorts and hotels.

With its high awareness of environmental issues and, of course, its high level of sunshine and wind, Bali is a perfect fit for our alternative energy solutions.

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Contained Energy Bali
Jl. Siligita, Kompleks Pertokoan 55C
Nusa Dua
Phone: 0361 7805142

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Solutions

Wind Power

Wind energy should be considered for almost any renewable energy project. With modern small-scale turbines, wind energy can make a significant and economic contribution even in urban conditions.

There are now a wide variety of good choices available:

  • small-scale rooftop turbines for households and small businesses in urban environments
  • small to medium turbines for communities and resorts
  • large turbines for grid connection
  • water-pumping windmills
  • pond-aerating windmills

CE sells, installs and services leading manufacturers, such as Turby, African Wind Power, SouthWest Windpower, as well as develops its own ‘low-tech’ wind generators.

Please contact us with your requirements.



Contained Energy also develops its own ‘low-cost/low-tech’ installations for communities that can not afford the ‘1st world’ solutions. We make these machines cheap and easy to repair and maintain, from bamboo and bicycle parts.


New, small, turbines are now feasible for rooftop installations even in urban locations.. These new turbines will start at lower windspeeds and deal much better with turbulance, making them up to 50% more effective.


We maintain relationships with several European and US suppliers that often have refurbished turbines for sale, traded in against larger installations. Contact us for details.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Solutions

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Jakarta Office:
JL Benda Raya no 46 E
Jakarta Selatan 12560
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Bali Office:
Jl. Siligita, Kompleks Pertokoan 55C
Nusa Dua 80361, Bali, Indonesia
 Phone: 0361 7805142